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20 November 2023 to 19 December 2023

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  • Inbound IVR Calling
  • IVR Voice Broadcasting
  • Single :SIM
  • Technology :GSM LTE
  • Accessories:Charger Adapter, Data Cable, RJ11 Phone Cable

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Customer support is our top priority! You get 24/7/365 days of assistance from our specifically trained support team, dedicated to resolving your technical issues at the earliest. However, this comes Free as Standard support. If you need any kind of help beyond this, you're covered with the Expert and Premium support add-ons.

Frequently Asked Questions

The value for a single credit in English is 160 characters. With the number of characters increasing, the second credit consists of 306 characters and moving on in this manner the value of credit deduction increases by adding 153 characters in the SMS every time. As the number of characters keeps on increasing the number of credits deducted will also increase according to that. For Unicode the credit calculation as below: 70 Characters (Standard SMS) 1 SMS Credit 134 Characters (Multi-part SMS) (2 * 67 characters) 2 SMS Credits 201 Characters (Multi-part SMS) (3 * 67 characters) 3 SMS Credits 268 Characters (Multi-part SMS) (4 * 67 characters) 4 SMS Credits 335 Characters (Multi-part SMS) (5 *67 characters) 5 SMS Credits 402 Characters (Multi-part SMS)(6 * 67 characters) 6 SMS Credits 469 Characters (Multi-part SMS)(7 * 67 characters) 7 SMS Credits

We provide unlimited validity. But Conditions

Sender-ID is the alpha/numeric string which appears on receiver destination. For transactional route we provide six character dynamic sender id.

Yes, we provide Open sender-ID. Now, you can use dynamic sender id.

The Full Form of DLT is Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).